Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship

Joe & Billie Rosmarino - Calvary Chapel Bacolod City, Philippines

Calvary Chapel Bacolod was founded in faith, by God’s grace. Pastor Joe Rosmarino, was called by God to be a missionary, long before he came to the Philippines.

It all started when God, put the desire in the heart of the Rosmarino family, to serve their LORD full time. The Rosmarino’s (Sunday school teachers with a heart for missions) and their kids, were being prepared to go out to a foreign country in 1986. Joe, felt a little like Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3). Not sure where, what or how. So Joe, waited on HIM. After many short term missions and

Survival’s missionary school, the Lord provided everything needed to go out: the support, the place and the mission.
God sent them out through Survival Ministries, supported by individual families and their Home Church Murrieta Country Church (now Calvary Chapel Murrieta). And by 1988 the whole Rosmarino family: Pastor Joe and his wife Billie, with (daughter) Elizabeth, 14 years old, and (son) Bill, 12 years old, moved from Temecula, California to the Philippines.

Still with a heart for people and kids, thru out the world they trusted in the Lord’s guidance. God guided them to the city of Bacolod, on Negros Island, in the Philippines. God directed them to build a building and start a feeding center for the starving street children, in the poorest and roughest areas in Bacolod called Barangay 40. (No Christian ministry had ever been allowed into this squatter’s area until then. Lots of outreaches for children started out of that, called Kid’s Praise (10 Bible Clubs throughout the city). The strong burden to pray for the people and parents of the kids, made Joe sense God wanted to start a bible study. Heavy spiritual warfare and months afterward an adult Bible study was welcomed in a home, in the same poor squatter’s village (Brgy. 40). It later became a fellowship they now call Calvary Chapel Bacolod. Prison, Helps and Hospital ministries came out of this small fellowship of growing believers.

By 1989, the Rosmarino’s were caring for an abandoned and disabled child thru the fellowship’s hospital ministry. After while the Lord brought two abused girls, to that little church. They really needed a family and a temporary home. The Rosmarinos opened their home and became foster parents, just extending their family a little, for awhile, (they thought just temporarily, never expecting what God was really gonna do). The Lord, continued to add children, until their home, became a large family in Christ. The Lord miraculously, moved Mary Jung, the mother of the Rosmarinos, to be a missionary “GRAMMA” to this large family of God.

Serving the Lord over the years they grew and continued to be blessed by the Lord. God showed Pastor Joe, that the children under his care needed more permanence from the people in their lives. So thru prayer, the Rosmarinos committed to the LORD, to become permanent residents, in the Philippines. It was then they started to seek to become a licensed children’s Home.

In 1993 through many struggles and joys, they bought a land in the farm lands of Bacolod, Barangay Handumanan. They cleared and started to build and plant. A building large enough, to hold a growing fellowship of believers and a Godly home to house the growing homeless children, that God had brought.

In 1994, the Philippine Government DSWD, licensed the Home as a shelter/orphanage Calvary Chapel Children’s Home. Temporary or long term, children need to belong, to feel wanted. They need a family not an institution. The home has always strived to maintain a homey, family atmosphere. And through God’s GRACE it is a loving family. One by one, God, has brought and accepted needy, unwanted and abandoned children of all ages. Even some who have grown up in the orphanage or even graduated from college have stayed to serve the Lord in the Rosmarino family as missionaries. They understand and give the younger children the love that they received as kids.

Children are being taught the love of Jesus Christ in a family numbering over a hundred. The Home grew so big and the kids so many, that problems arose in educating the large tribe, in the public schools. By 1995 God started a small Christian school on the land, that later became known as, Calvary Chapel Christian School. Most of the teachers are the grown up children, who had finished college to come back and teach God’s truth and His word. Thru a Christian curriculum and Filipino studies, God is honored. Not only recognized as a private Christian school with ACSI, it is recognized with the Philippine GOV. under DepEd. In 1999 the Lord saw the need for our handicap children also to enjoy special education with God’s compassion. So a special teacher with God’s heart and patience came from among the kids to teach, special-ed. Then just this last year, Calvary Chapel Christian School has become a satellite school for 8 home schools thru out the Philippines.

After many years, God has called many short-term teams and others with a heart for His mission, to serve Him here. He has even called missionaries like; Suzanne Kesling Lefler (1989-1991) of Calvary Chapel Laguna Hills (now married to Lance Lefler, in USA with three children of their own). Teri Rotherham (1993- still serving) of Calvary Chapel Cypress, serving faithfully, with the Rosmarinos. Misty Wright (2002) of Michigan. The Rosmarinos (the R’s or little R’s) are still many.

Elizabeth, now expecting a child, (educated in the Philippines) a doctor, is married to Kenneth Bongcac, serving the LORD and living in Bohol, Philippines. Bill, a business man is married to Joanne and living in Manila, Philippines have two sons Will and Nathan (our grandchildren). Of course there are many Filipino missionaries, that have come to serve the Lord. All together, we minister to His children and becoming a part of this LARGE family of God. And so on and on it goes. Be fruitful and multiply. The kids come and go, none are perfect, but our prayer is that they always strive to walk and shine as lights for Jesus, in this world.

Proverbs 22:6