Hospitality Ministry

The Vision

The Hospitality Ministry is a very important area of service.  When we consider that the purpose of any ministry is to bring glory and honor to God, it is our heart’s desire give Him our best.  We want this facility to be a blessing to God and to all who worship and learn here. Serving in this ministry provides an opportunity to fellowship with others as well as with the Lord while providing a tangible service. When visitors and regular attendees come to this church and see a welcoming facility, they are aware that we pay attention to details.  The Hospitality Ministry ensures that our church is clean, organized and a welcoming location to hear the teaching of God’s Word.

how to serve in the Hospitality Ministry

Before serving in this ministry, it is required that all volunteers complete the Distinctive Classes. The purpose of the Distinctive Classes is to explain the basic beliefs of Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship before we step out to serve in a ministry at the church. After completing the Distinctive Classes, submit a ministry application.

Contact the hospitality Ministry

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns.