Usher Ministry

The vision

The Usher Ministry is dedicated to making all who arrive on the campus feel welcome. Ushers are available at every Sunday service to help people find a parking spot, seats, answer questions, remove distractions and pass out or collect materials.

What do ushers do?

The purpose of the Usher Ministry is to serve and direct the Lord’s guests as they arrive on the fellowship campus, be alert to and address any need before, during and after each service, be available to serve at other special church functions, be ready and willing to welcome, encourage and assist, be available to serve or support communion on the first Wednesday of every month, assist with sanctuary policy compliance, provide direction for ingress and egress, and assist with Emergency Evacuations and medical needs.

how to become an usher

Before serving in this ministry, it is required that all volunteers complete the Distinctive Classes. The purpose of the Distinctive Classes is to explain the basic beliefs of Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship before we step out to serve in a ministry at the church. After completing the Distinctive Classes, submit a ministry application.

contact the Usher Ministry

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns.